About Us

Gloria Salceda-Gunn

I lost my husband of 28 years to a heart attack in 1992.  I had done some line dancing with my instructor Lois Daggs before his death.  After his passing I pretty much withdrew from everything.  My friends Shirley Burke and Lois Stock convinced me to go to Russ’s classes to support him.  The rest is history and we have been married 20 years now.

Russell Gunn

Russ had helped a few instructors, choreographers and competition dancers on their paths to become very successful.  He has also choreographed several dances during his teaching career.  Unfortunately two back surgeries have stopped him from continuing teaching and working.

About us and Palm Springs Line Dance Event

We started PSLDE in 1996 as a Senior Olympics Competition and workshops with couples and line dancing.  We held it twice a year:  Feb (Valentine’s Theme) and
Oct ( Halloween Theme).

  After three years we eventually kept only the Feb event and gradually shifted that over to January.  The Line Dancers were our biggest supporters and we discontinued the couple’s workshops and focused entirely on line dancing; which has to be a successful journey.

We feel very blessed for the support and loyalty from instructors and dancers, and for the love and participation of all who continue to come to the Palm Springs Line Dance Event.